Sunday, June 17, 2012

No styrafoam for Guyana?

The government of Donald Ramotar is considering restrictions in importing products that are packaged with styrofoam. Somehow, I think Guyana is a place this would actually work.

On the one hand, Guyana has so much sprawl that you'd think the country would have ample landfill storage space. Its the main reason that throwing stuff away is so cheap in the United States compared to places like Europe and Japan.

The difference in Guyana is that there hardly any proper roads. You could have plenty of place to dump stuff, but no highways to haul all the stuff out to. And Georgetown's got a real solid waste problem. It's a low-lying city with a sea wall and a constant drainage and flooding problem, without proper sewers, with pools of stagnant water everywhere. Adding lots of styrofoam and miscellaneous packaging tends to clutter things up any more.

Will be interested to see if this prospers.

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