Monday, December 26, 2011

LotE’s new horizons

Happy holidays everyone! I’m taking advantage of the year-end slowdown to let folks know that I’ve decided to expand the focus of Lungs of the Earth beyond just Brazil. 

Don’t get me wrong, Brazil is a great environment story, with everything from oil spills to deforestation and carbon abatement programs. But I’ll be spending more time outside of Brazil and wanted to take the opportunity to think about things that are going on in other parts of Latin America. I’ve gotten curious about what’s happening with the Yasuni project in Ecuador. I’m convinced the continued decay of Venezuela’s oil industry is creating environmental problems that the country won’t be able to keep ignoring. Guyana’s forestry programs get very little ink anywhere. Setty’s gotten me curious about Chile’s dams. I’m not going to stop writing about Brazil, but I’m going to be throwing new things into the mix.

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