Wednesday, October 19, 2011

American medical waste becomes Brazilian clothing ... yikes ...

I didn't think this hospital waste business could get any worse. I wish I still thought that.

So it turns out these used medical blankets and hospital gowns weren't just being sold by the kilo outside of Recife in the northeastern state of Pernambuco. A significant quantity of these items were found in a warehouse in the city of Toritama, where 60 percent of Brazil's blue jeans are produced, including the eponymous Toritama. The warehouse belongs to a company called O Imperio do Forro do Bolso -- the Empire of Pocket Lining.

Old hospital blankets were being turned into blue jeans pockets.

I guess I wouldn't have been surprised if someone told me this sort of thing goes on in China. But Brazil? C'mon ... This is possibly the most desperate measure I've seen by a Brazilian manufacturer in trying to cut costs, which are spiraling out of control due to inflation and a soaring exchange rate that makes Brazilian products less competitive.

Funny thing is I stumbled across this promo as I was Googling around about Toritama

This attempt to encourage people in Pernambuco to buy clothing from the local textile industry: I USE LOCALLY PRODUCED TEXTILES, CLOTHING PRODUCTION IS A SERIOUS THING -- IT'S NOT TRASH!

If only they knew!


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